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When speaking of sailing on lake Palić,we must not forget to mention the name of enthusiast Lajos Vermes,outstanding athlete of Palić.As far as 1887 he organised sailing on ice,as a part of Palić`s winter olympic games,which was ranked as european acknowledged event. Both winter and summer Olympics were regularly held on lake Palić,16 years prior to Mr.Kubertin`s revival of modern age Olympic games.At the time competitions took place,all the acknowledged athletes were present on lake Palić.

Palić Sailing club was officially founded in 1897. It was an important and recognised club,but also favored by the wealthy familyş from surrounding countries,with turbulent social and club life.troughout the summer dance evenings were organised within the club,and were highlz visited bz oustanding guests of Yugoslavia and Habsburg monarchy.

With the end of WWII 1946, club was reorganised and reactivated.Building of the fleet begun,selecting the team for competitions.his team succesfully competed on regatas on Palić,Adriatic sea,and lake Balaton(HU).Won manz prizes,cups and medals(Balázs,Nyilas...etc.)

This club consistent to its tradition,is creating new athelete hopes,and succsefull competitors.SC Palić has 50 regular members,20 of tthem active competitors.In categories from pioneers to seniors. We are proud to have several elder seniors,who are members of the club for over 50 years.

SC Palić is annually organising over 15 regatas mostly summer on water,however for the past 4 years, state championships on ice are being held,very popular is windsurfing on ice. these boards reach speed of up to 70-80km/h,or even more. This sport is living its second youth,ver a fact that sailing on ice was popular on this lake 100 years ago.

SC Palić is eagerly welcoming all windsurf enthusiasts,and friends of nature,who can enjoy its beautifull landscape and scenery.

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